Downloading and Installation

Latest version is available at

A previous version is available at

The version of QUEST is available locally on this site is QUEST-1.3.0.tgz. This tar file can be extracted by
   tar -xzf QUEST-1.3.0.tgz
which will create a directory
To compile the library in most Linux systems with the GNU compilers, just run the command:
For different environments, please edit the file to suit your system.

A test program is available in the EXAMPLES directory, including several input files (.in extension). To do a quick check of your QUEST installation, first switch to the EXAMPLES/test directory and then issue the command:

This will generate the output file small.out.

Multicore processors

This tar file includes a basic version of the required BLAS and LAPACK libraries. To obtain better peformance, QUEST must be linked with an optimized version of these libraries. In order to benefit from parallelism in multicore processors, the BLAS library (and optionally LAPACK) must be multithreaded (such as ATLAS or Intel's MKL). Usually, these libraries are provided by the vendor in high perfomance computer systems. Please consult the system documentation for details and edit accordingly the BLASLAPACK variable in the file.

GPU acceleration

QUEST also contains experimental support for GPU accelerators using the Nvidia CUDA development tools and the MAGMA library. This code is not active by default. To activate the GPU support, uncomment all the CUDA and MAGMA related variables in file and activate the flag DQMC_CUDA in PRG_FLAGS.



  • Support for time dependent measurement in the geom example.

  • Input file name specified in command line. The output file name is a input parameter.

  • Old non-working examples are removed. The generic geom example should be able to compute all these simulations.



To-do list

Previous versions

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