The Automatic Data Extraction and Plotting Tool (ADEPT) is a Java application which is used to help in the analysis of data output from QUEST simulations. Output files from QUEST - containing normal user-readable data - are parsed into variables in an XML-like structure which allow ADEPT to access the data in a more organized way.When the files are passed into ADEPT, it opens a Graphical User Interface (GUI) allowing the user to import, manipulate, and save data from numerous QUEST output les into a format which can be easily plotted using the user's choice of plotting software.

Executable Downloading and Installation

The last version of ADEPT is available as ADEPT.jar. This jar file can be executed by
   java -jar ADEPT.jar
This command may also contain names of output files from QUEST to input into ADEPT. If no files are specified, a window will open to choose the input files.

YouTube Tutorials

Online video tutorials for running and using ADEPT are available here.

User's Guide

ADEPT_usersguide (PDF)

Source code/Eclipse Workspace

ADEPT was created and compiled on the Eclipse IDE. The workspace can be extracted by
and should be placed in the Eclipse workspace.

Contact us

Suggestions for improvement and bug reports please send to questadept AT